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Dressed & Obsessed: Sheer Summer Style

By Bloody Eyes

Bloody Eyes News 1

Summer 2020 is around the corner and we are awaiting the minute we can get up and head out into the world, but why not stand out this summer and make a statement with your outfit. This year it is all about showing that skin and letting yourself soak up that vitamin D, but there is no better way to do that than in a sheer outfit.

Beautiful blonde woman sitting on a dark pink couch wearing a sheer dress outfit

Yes, you heard us right, sheer is the way to go this season and is a great way to keep yourself shaded but also show off your glowing skin. It’s a way to keep cozy after sunbathing under the sun or after dipping into the ocean while looking elegant and carefree. Not only is it now making a comeback from 2013 but it has already been featured on high fashion catwalks such as the New York Fashion Week earlier this year! Although wearing a sheer top over a bandeau on a night out or a sheer tropical kimono at the beach will have all eyes on you, you can always up a notch by accessorizing.

Beautiful brunette woman wearing a sheer top paired with light blue jeans and a handbag

Some may argue that this is the most important step to achieving that picture-perfect look and what better way is there to accessorize during Summer than with sunglasses? The only problem being that finding the right sunglasses to pair with such a bold look are hard to find, but we have you sorted. The Bloody Eyes sunglasses collection has the widest variety of sunglasses imaginable to pair with
any look.

For a pop of color, we suggest going for the Amanda sunglasses that take heart eyes to another level. The sun won’t be the only vibrant light shining that day, as the burst of red will not only keep you protected from the sun but also have you turning heads left right and center. They will also be perfect when trying to doll up a basic outfit as they are an eye-catching piece that will dazzle anyone. This is
the perfect way to stay stylish this summer and show off your fashion taste after being in lockdown for so long. Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Rhianna, and Jennifer Lopez have also been spotted wearing these trends, especially on red carpets.

Woman wearing red heart-shaped sunglasses while applying red lipsick

But now it is your time to shine and have your red carpet moment by jumping into sheer fashion while protecting your eyes from the heat this summer. Summer is the perfect time for pastel and bright shades, so make sure to keep this in mind when choosing your perfect outfit. We also recommend that clear sheer can look amazing as an overlay on a neutral-colored clothing piece with the cherry on top being a bold statement accessory like the Amanda sunglasses or a pair of red stilettos. Stand out this season and don’t be afraid to be bold!


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