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How to Use Accessories to Make Memories This Summer

By Bloody Eyes

Bloody Eyes News 2

With the heat coming it is the perfect time to switch out of that jumper and replace it with something more lightweight and cooling. This next fashion look has been popping up all over our timelines and we are not complaining. Something about this look is so beautiful yet classy, giving off such an effortlessly gorgeous aura.

Beautiful blonde woman wearing a white dress

Skater dresses are one of the most popular trends of 2020, but we know what you are thinking. How am I meant to stand out if everyone else is wearing it? Well, skater dresses have the capability to have a range of designs on them, this way you can always find one that you have never seen before. From vibrant pinks to monotone greys there will always be a skater dress for you that is ready to help you achieve your Vogue moment. That being said there is nothing wrong with going for something more basic and you will still be glowing, especially under the rays of sunlight this summer.

To help you reach that next level and complete your flawless look it is time to find the ultimate accessory. For a look of glamour, we recommend to go for either a silver hoop earring or even go for a crystal-encrusted choker. This will add a delicate but chic touch to your look.

Beautiful brunette woman wearing a black dress with black stockings, black boots, and a black handbag

As summer is coming up you might want to step it up and go for something more suited to the weather and your upcoming events. In this case, we recommend a pair of versatile sunglasses that not only can you wear out in the sun, but look so good that nobody would bat an eye when wearing them indoors or at a party or festival.

For this, we have found you the perfect pair! The Phoebe sunglasses from Bloody Eyes are the perfect accessory you have been looking for to make you look striking. These sunglasses won’t only have you turning heads but the lenses are sculpted like a late evening sunset, making you look mysteriously irresistible. The sheer frame makes sure that you can pair it with any type of skater dress without clashing your outfit, making it amazing for everyday use.

Two women in a red tulip flower field wearing blue and yellow dress

So now that you are dreaming of summer nights looking like a late 90’s movie star while laying out on a field of flowers in your flowing dress and eye-catching sunglasses, don’t be afraid to make this look happen and make your fashion dreams a reality.


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