Bloody Eyes News 3

Irresistible Summer Style Looks That We Love

By Bloody Eyes

Bloody Eyes News 3

We hope we have your attention because we have a look that you do not want to miss out on. Summer is around the corner and finding the perfect outfit to look stand out can be hard, but we have you sorted. Not only can you wear this and look super chic and elegant but it is budget-friendly and so diverse that there will always be an option to be either bold or simple.

Beautiful brunette woman wearing an oversized print top with white sneakers and a fanny pack

For the perfect outfit this season we have chosen the print tee dress. This is such a versatile fit that you can wear it for any occasion, from going out on the town to a beach stroll at sunrise. This outfit is slowly popping up across social media as there is something for everyone, from a pop of color to a graphic logo you can choose from such a variety of options it's unbelievable! The fabric used is lightweight and soft meaning that you won’t have to worry about being flustered by the heat while living your everyday life during the warm season.

But that being said there are also cozier options that have the perfect fabric to keep you warm when autumn begins! Now it’s time to get into what is arguably the most important part of a look, that being accessorizing. Although a print tee dress alone is a statement piece there is always space to take it up a notch one more level to look truly unreal. To add some glamour into your life why not pair the dress with some thigh-high boots. From holographic to black, because the dress is so simple you can add any pop of color to really make this look turn heads.

Beautiful blonde woman wearing a red dotted dress paired with a black vegan leather backpack

Another option that is not only perfect for summer to look effortless but also will be protecting your eyes from the glow of the sun is a pair of sunglasses. But sunglasses can be hard to find, but what if we said we already have the perfect pair for you?

The Victoria sunglasses from Bloody Eyes are sure to add an aspect of glamour to your style. Paired with the print tee dress these Bloody Eyes sunglasses are sure to make you look like you are about to walk on the red carpet with their tiger print pattern and dark lenses that make you look mysterious as ever. The slanted base of the glasses is sure to bring a cat-eye aspect to your look that is often associated with the highest class supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The shape of these glasses is not only beyond flattering but the element of mystery from the lenses will make you irresistible. The tiger print glazed with a shine will add that glow that will help make the print tee dress look complete and have you looking summer-ready.

Beautiful brunette woman wearing a black print top with white sneakers

So are you ready to spend summer nights looking effortlessly gorgeous while sipping on a piña colada at the beach or not? What are you waiting for? Get this look today!


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